Fully Committed

14771-3Having seen/heard this one-man show several years ago, we were promised a “comical” evening, but never such a tour de force as we witnessed last week at the Lyceum Theatre.

I remember Barbra Streisand’s “Buyer & Cellar,” which took the singular efforts of one actor to describe in detail all the clothes, attitudes, behaviors, visitors and other aspects of Streisand’s closet, but nothing like this.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is in the basement of a restaurant which is HOT, HOT, HOT (think Ralph Lauren). And people want a table!

His rendition of each caller, male and female; his actualization of the behaviors, foibles, eccentricities and voices is flawless, hilarious and true. Dispersed throughout these calls from would-by diners is the persistent, persnickety, occasionally sadistic and always infuriating calls from the chef who demands instant gratification.

Ferguson is at his best throughout, handling the difficult, the humble, the entitled, the infuriating…all of whom want a reservation for dinner.

The audience jumped up (I’m not kidding) at the end to cheer his performance. We thought no one ever portrayed so many voices so convincingly since Jim Dale recited the entire book series of Harry Potter… but Jesse’s a solid competitor.

Barbara Tober

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