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As my friends and I were finishing a creative and tasty meal a couple weeks ago at Günter Seeger, we all found ourselves concluding: it just seems how uncanny how we love restaurants that Pete Wells finds “off-putting.” It is our new contra-indicator. We found the ambience modern and slick, not cold. The staff was crisp, attentive: there when you wanted or needed them, not when you didn’t. The tasting menu portions were perfect: not too much, but not, as is often case, literally just a bite. The food both Alsatian- and Japanese-influenced. The wine list is heavily Riesling and pairs well with the food. The list is extensive. Not only were we not put off, we look forward to returning


For more, please see the New York Times review.

Steve Dow


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  1. We had a birthday celebration there last night and the food was fabulous. Steve is right on point. The photos of the room don’t do it justice. It is very warm, perfectly lit and the tables are well spaced to create a sense of intimacy. Looking through the dining room into the bright kitchen creates real drama. The presentation of each dish reminded me of the highest Kyoto standards. Make sure you take a deep breath before opening the wine list.

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