Hacksaw Ridge


hacksaw-384x222This is a feel-good movie, and I felt good after seeing it. The true-life story of a conscientious objector – and how he came to this principled stance, yet also served as a medic in the great battle of Okinawa in World War II – is predictable, but satisfying. The bucolic first part of the movie is followed by Mel Gibson’s bloody (but not gratuitous) portrayal of the gore of hand-to-hand warfare. These scenes alone are enough to make one a pacifist. No big stars, but Andrew Garfield is believable as Private Desmond Doss, Hugo Weaving makes a violent but anti-war father, Vince Vaughan is the tough Sergeant who comes around to respect a man who is awarded the Medal of Honor for bravery. I stand and salute, although the combat scenes do go on.

Ken Roman



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  1. The image of the giant cliff and rope ladder with bodies going up and the bodies coming down is something I will never forget.it is a great anti war movie.i learned that Okinawa was where the enola gay took off from to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima

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