Hello Dolly



Yes, it holds up, yes, it still works, yes, it’s faithful to the original, and yes, even an orangutan could probably play the title role, as Dolly the First has noted. This production of “Hello Dolly” is a special delight. Happily, what’s on stage is the consummate actress/singer Bette Midler — the perfect Dolly — and not her numerous alter egos from stage and screen (e.g. the Divine Miss M, Vicki Edie, Delores Del Lago, Janis Joplin, Martha Raye, Sophie Tucker, et al.), though of course that might be an interesting way to keep the show going into the next few decades. With a lavish and colorful production (those costumes!), take-home tunes (you’ll know all the lyrics), choreography (possibly the original?), the famous production number at the Harmonia Gardens with the Waiter’s Gallop, this Dolly won’t go away anytime in the predictable future – and that’s a really good thing these days.

Lake Douglas


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