Hidden Figures



What a wonderful film, probably the best movie we’ve seen all year. A terrific story well told. The writing is light-handed and pitch perfect. The moment when the smartest woman in the room has to run a half mile in the rain in high-heeled shoes to get to the “Colored Ladies Room” helps to cast her as a hero. The story is told with good humor, not the slightest bit preachy and the cast is great. Dale and I saw “Hidden Figures” last night in a packed movie theater in West Palm Beach. There were moments in the film when the audience cheered and applauded.
Doug Anderson



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  1. I couldn’t agree more. A real old-fashioned film, with a beginning and end, wonderful characters and a compelling story. It’s shocking to remember how benighted this country was in matters of segregation even into the sixties. A good movie to take young people to, I think.
    Lois Horgan

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