Holiday Inn


While the plot may be as insipid as most of the musical films of the ’30s and ’40s, the singing, tap dancing and Irving Berlin songs make this an enjoyably light evening of hokey entertainment. Given the choice to add any Berlin songs, the choices were well made. As for the cast, Bryce Pinkham (of “Gentleman’s Guide” fame) and Lora Lee Gayer do a really fine job as the leads. And Corbin Bleu, known to your kids and grandkids from “High School Musical” (talk about typecasting) is terrific. But Megan Lawrence steals the show as the farm hand doing her best Thelma Ritter humor with a fine voice to boot. Think six decades pre-Sondheim musicals, and you’ll enjoy the evening and leave humming the songs.

Howard Morgan

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  1. Totally agree, Howard. We loved every minute… eating a souffle…..and the audience was transfixed.

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