Homo Deus


Homo_DeusYuval Noah Harari’s “Sapiens” is an entertaining account of human evolution. In “Sapiens,” Hariari highlights the use of fiction and collective myths, like money and religion, to conquer the world. “The ability to speak about fictions is the unique feature of Sapiens language…fiction has enabled us not merely to imagine things, but to do so collectively.” “Homo Deus” picks up where Harari left off and imagines what humans, or eventually our replacements, will be like in the future. Through combining organic and inorganic parts and genetic engineering, we will have super-human powers and extended lifespans. Eventually, with the advance of technology, man and machine will merge and Harari predicts mankind will be replaced by Homo Deus. Humanism will be threatened when Google knows us better than we know ourselves. As our new techno-religion, dataism, takes over as our guiding paradigm, humans will be forced to find meaning in innovative ways and we will subsequently evolve. If any sapiens survive, no doubt, it will be once again through fiction.


Nicole Charbonnet


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