House of Cards, Season 2

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.59.42 AMOK, I couldn’t parcel it out, as Kevin Spacey had suggested on several talk shows this week. I went through all 13 new episodes on Netflix this week, and am glad I did. It’s easier to keep all the subplots (and there are many) in mind without a week between each one.

This season is even better than the first. For those who’ve seen the original British version, the season ending was clear, but reaching it showed once again what a fantastic judge and manipulator Frank Underwood is. Spacey and Robin Wright give amazing performances, and the cynical view of politics rings even truer in this Tea Party world than ever. If you haven’t seen Season 1, go back and watch it. If you have, it might still be worth watching again (at least the last few epsiodes) before bingeing on Season 2.

I’ll wait a few months to debate the plot points:)

Howard Morgan

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  1. I finally watched Season 2 during our now annual flight from New Orleans to another vacation house elsewhere…this year North Carolina near Asheville. I like the American version. I like the British version. The two are so different, it defies direct comparison. The ruthlessness is truly shocking, and at times, I found I had to take breaks from the plotting and go outside for some fresh air; or to the liquor cabinet for a drink. Hail To The (Felon) Chief! Will Season 3 be it??

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