How To Transcend a Happy Marriage



“How to Transcend a Happy Marriage,” at the Lincoln Center Theater for a few more days, reminds some people of the movie “The Big Chill.” As I was never able to make it through that entire movie, I suppose that wasn’t auspicious for me. But if you liked “The Big Chill” — and want to see it applied to parents in their mid-40s, whose teenager yells in disgust that gravity has acted on their bodies — then you may enjoy this play. It felt to me like revisiting some ‘60s trends (for those who lived through free love and hash brownies), and mixing in some current headlines including gender fluidity and hunter-gatherer diets. To be fair, there are some entertaining moments: you’ve probably never heard “She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain” quite like it is performed here.

Ilona Quasha


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