features-small_INDECENT-keyart“Indecent” by Paula Vogel is about a fascinating subject. The play is a most imaginative presentation about a serious event in the history of the Jewish theater. It’s creatively directed by Rebecca Taichman and features an excellent ensemble. However, it does run a bit too long; it could have done with some editing. Still, it is well worth seeing.

“Indecent” is playing at the Vineyard Theatre through June 19, 2016.

Barbara Fleischman





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  1. We had tickets to see “Indecent” at the Vineyard Theatre but the weather was terrible and we didn’t get there so we bought tickets to last night’s performance at the Cort…..first night of previews. The theatre was packed with young people who understood the Jewish references and laughed at the gay humor. We thought that Paula Vogel’s writing was seamless and Rebecca Taichman’s direction was superb. The cast was great. And yes, we agree that 15 minutes might have been cut from this 100 minute performance. And, by the way, we agree with Charles Isherwood’s review. Sorry Sally.

  2. Doug, usually I’m in sync with your reviews—and I always enjoy them. This time…different strokes, right? (I realize I’m in the minority on this one!)

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