I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t win awards as Best Documentary. The story of 26-year-old Jane Goodall leaving England to study chimpanzees in Tanzania is given fresh dimension by 50-year-old glorious footage by photographer Hugo van Lawick, who became her husband. Funded by the National Geographic, augmented by a present day interview with unassuming Goodall (in her 80s) and an original score by Philip Glass. If that weren’t enough, there are stunning wildlife scenes in the Serengeti captured by Van Lawick – and several storylines (documenting chimps as tool-makers, the birth of a baby chimp and Goodall’s son). Try to catch it at the new Landmark theatre on 12th Ave and 57th Street – reclining lounge chairs, big screen, surround sound, and an attendant in the men’s room.

Ken Roman

P.S. Five stars for movie and theatre.



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