What follows is not a review. Seizing the prerogative of a host, I offer you instead a preview. The preview is of a new ideas festival, KentPresents, scheduled to take place August 13th-15th in Kent, Connecticut.

Many of you already know about KentPresents. You are free to move on to the newly posted VDP reviews. To those others of you, here is the preview:

KentPresents, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that has been created by Donna and me to raise charitable funds for this northwestern part of Connecticut where, not coincidentally, we have lived part of the year for over a decade.

This year’s event is a gathering of 64 accomplished thought leaders and several hundred attendees combining for 2½ days of conversations, interviews, talks, debates, Q&A, break-out sessions, cocktail receptions, meals and entertainment. And lots of mingling and networking. One might characterize KentPresents as a sprinkling of Aspen Ideas Festival here, a little TED Talks there, with a pinch of Davos thrown in for flavoring.

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The topics to be discussed and debated are designed to offer recreation for the mind: architecture, art, economics, education, energy, environment, food, global affairs, health & medicine, humanities, human rights, media, national affairs, performing arts, science, technology and other vital issues of the day.

The surrounding Litchfield Hills area, just south of the Berkshires, is a scenic treasure, ready to be explored. Before and after the event itself, there are opportunities to search out galleries and museums, fishing and kayaking, covered bridges and waterfalls, golfing and tennis, antiquing and shopping, and farm-to-table restaurants.

The first annual KentPresents will open its doors in just three months. Perhaps we’ll see you there.

To learn more, go to

Ben and Donna Rosen

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  1. “It struck me that Kent Presents is a natural and organic derivative of The Virtual Dinner Party, except that it has many interesting added attractions and the dinners are not virtual.
    I signed up and hope that Ben will have either little badges for VDP’ers or a secret hand shake so that we can easily identify each other.


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