König and Jackiw at NJSO

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Christoph König

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Stefan Jackiw

Guest conductor Christoph König led the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra in a concert of neglected works by familiar composers on April 24. Anchored by Dvorak’s Symphony #5, the program brilliantly illustrated how audiences can hear a lot of music new to them, but familiar in style.

The Dvorak #5 hid in the shadow of the New World Symphony far too long. In fact, this was the NJSO’s first-ever rendition of this gem in its long history. Full of the color and zest for which we love the Czech composer, König showed that this piece deserves to be in the regular repertoire rotation, not squirreled away in the vault.

The evening also featured Stefan Jackiw, a violinist worth following. Jackiw, 29, is the son of two physicists, one Ukrainian, from whence his name, and one Korean, from whence his appearance. He has an amazing purity of tone. Close your eyes and you imagine Isaac Stern or Itzhak Perlman on stage. Then open your eyes to the delight that Jackiw will bless concert stages for decades to come.

Phil Neches

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