Le Coq Rico


We were told that Le Coq Rico is the ultimate chicken restaurant by friends who know such things. So we tried it out with another couple. We were all disappointed.

We each ordered something different and I must say that the roast chicken we bring home from Publix for $10 is far better than the 120-day-old chicken raised on a special farm and fed a special diet that goes for $90+.

Some would say there’s a vision at work here. I’d say it’s more of a conceit.

Doug Anderson


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  1. Doug, we were as disappointed as you. Walking in the restaurant, we received the first sign that this is not going to be a pleasant experience. A blast of sound greeted us last night on our first (and last) visit.Deafening. Noise at the table was less unbearable, but not much. Look at the photo — all hard surfaces. The pretension level? Pretty well up there. Do I care a flying fig for the name of the farm our chicken came from? The address of the farm? The owner of the farm? The chicken itself was OK, but certainly not special (and far from the Pete Wells/NYTimes rave). Service — ordinary. Here’s a tip for great roast chicken: Le Mangeoire, 2nd Ave. and 53rd. Authentic French country style, zero pretension, and far less noisy.

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