Le Coucou



Steven Starr has done it again with Le Coucou, 138 Lafayette St, which is in the Howard Hotel just north of Canal Street. Their quenelles are as good as those at La Grenouille and their duck with foie gras is spectacular. The architecture and design is terrific and helps keep noise to a minimum… as Dale says, “You can hear everyone at your table and you don’t have to make new friends.” The menu is seriously good. And staff is outstanding… well trained and just nice folks.

Doug Anderson


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  1. It’s done really well. It’s not just Steven Starr, but the great chef Daniel Rose. He went to Paris to study philosophy after an arts degree from St. Johns, then got into food and opened Spring in Paris to great acclaim. Their signature dish at CouCou is the rabbit three ways, I recommend it for folks who’ve never had rabbit – it’s a revelation (or e of them). Definitely a favorite, and very hard to get reservations at decent hours.

  2. IMHO, current favorite restaurant in NYC. Been 4 times. My complaint?
    Seriously tough reservation and only 28 days in advance.

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