Leonardo da Vinci


leonardo-da-vinci-9781501139154_hrOne thing I really liked about Walter Isaacson’s “Leonardo da Vinci” is that Isaacson explains why there are not more finished paintings. There are only 15 works, fully or mainly attributed to Leonardo, comprising a smaller body of work than paintings by Vermeer. Of course these masterpieces took a lot of time to create, and Leonardo, besides being an amazing artist, was as a man of science and engineering. Thus, he was also busy designing weaponry, bridges, flying machines and studying optics, hydrology, geology, biology and anatomy. I very much enjoyed learning that he worked obsessively for years on his masterpieces, while abandoning other projects well before nearing completion. Leonardo is a perfect subject for Isaacson, who seems attracted to genius and has great enthusiasm investigating its essence.

Nicole Charbonnet


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