Les Contes d’Hoffmann (The Tales of Hoffmann)


Erin Morley at The Metropolitan Opera 2017

We attended Bart Sher’s production at the Met Opera last night. We’ve seen this version several times before, but we’d gladly return this evening. It’s that entertaining. The casts and conductors may change from year to year, but the gorgeous, melodic music of Offenbach remains. Among the standouts in the current production are Erin Morley as the doll, Olympia, who comes apart (literally) as her scene ends, and she is as accomplished an actress as she is a coloratura soprano; Anita Hartig as Antonia, the singer who sings herself to death (beautifully, I might add); and Vittorio Grigolo, who, as Hoffman, keeps choosing girlfriends who do him (or themselves) wrong.

Highly recommended. Alas, just one performance left this season — Saturday matinee, Oct. 28, at noon. Good news: Excellent seats available, even in the front row orchestra (our favorite seats).

Ben Rosen

P.S. The links below are from 2009 at the first Bart Sher production of “Hoffmann.” The first clip features Kathleen Kim performing the Doll Song. The second has Anna Netrebko dying in the famous trio.




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  1. We saw the production on Tuesday night, Ben, and if anything your report understates how exhilirating we found it. As to the good news on tickets being available: Alas, this was true on Tuesday night as well, with many empty seats in the house. If the Met can’t fill the house with a production and cast of this quality, we should all be concerned.

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