Les Fêtes Vénitiennes


William Christie and Les Art Florissants are back in Brooklyn this weekend with an exquisite and entertaining production of Les Fêtes Vénitiennes at BAM. A long outmoded form of opera-ballet has been revived, embellished and updated in this marvelous production. It will appeal to anyone who loves French music, the 18th century in general or anything related to the city of Venice. Imaginative costumes, sets and choreography add to the Carnival spectacle of spurned lovers, a human roulette wheel, jitterbugging sheep in frock coats and the ultimate triumph of Folly over Reason. While opera purists may not be overly impressed with the singing voices or ribald choreography, it is a vision to behold, and Christie’s orchestra is a pleasure to hear, as always.

Martha Fleischman

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