Letter from Berlin

Pauly Saal Berlin is not yet a “foodie” city, but there are good meals to be had. One of those is Pauly Saal. Located in old 1928 building that once was a Jewish girl’s school, Pauly Saal delivers a really good meal. It is run by the same folks who own the hipster Grill Royal on the Spree River. We started with a sampler of appetizer bites, had two pastas (one of which was a great combo of shaved pumpkin, truffles and gnocchi) and a perfectly cooked steak for two with a selection of sauces. The wine list was small but well chosen, with a heavy emphasis on German wines. We went with a 2007 Adeneuer Spatburgunder (pinot noir) that was fantastic. They also have a spacious bar and seating area –- would certainly consider returning.

Steve Dow


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  1. Off to Berlin this evening and have both Pauly Saal and Grill Riyal on our list. These places were recommended by our German friends , so it’s great to get such a positive endorsement from a discerning New Yorker.

  2. coco:
    thanks for the compliment about being a New Yorker– but i’ve been a resident of California since the 50’s! ( lived near San Francisco since ’72).
    But i do get to NYC a lot — and i do honestly believe that NYC is the single best city for food in the world. The breadth, diversity and depth of choices is unparalleled.

    Have a great time in Berlin.

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