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The original Netflix series “Lilyhammer” is now in its third season. I was initially attracted to it by the premise. Steven Van Zandt plays Frank Tagliano from Long Island, a career mobster who, in exchange for ratting on a buddy, is offered a place in the Federal Witness Protection Program. The FBI agents ask: “Where do you want to be, Frank? Most say Arizona or Florida.” Frank answers: “Lilyhammer (Lillehammer) in Norway.”

The FBI is baffled. Frank explains he watched the 1994 Winter Olympics on TV that took place in Lillehammer, and it looked like a nice place. So off he goes. Of course it’s the contrast – the dark brooding New York mobster in a pristine snowy-white environment populated by attractive but sometimes feckless Norwegians.Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.02.25 AM

Not surprisingly, Frank, now Johnny, in short order impregnates a Norwegian girl and opens a nightclub. Many adventures ensue, some violent, all weathered by the clever transplant. Van Zandt, who as an actor made his mark with a major role in “The Sopranos,” has one of the better scowls on television, along with a major sneer. When he’s not acting, he plays guitar in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

Lilyhammer is a Norwegian production –- entertaining and worth viewing — in streaming Netflix.

Geoffrey Platt Jr.


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  1. I have laughed out loud watching the series , three shows at a time, which is more capicolla than tongue in cheek. Edgy, silly and Sopranos on skis.

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