For those of us who grew fond of Charles Masson’s welcoming home at Le Grenouille over the years, and who were less than pleased when family trauma caused him to exit the restaurant, life serves us up a helping of poetic justice! Charles’ new Majorelle, occupying gutted and re-designed space where the old Post House used to be in the Lowell Hotel (63rd and Madison), was terrific. The space is sophisticated, but unpretentious, named after the French painter of the same last name. The vibe is softly energetic. And the food is a lovely balance of Moroccan and classic French cuisine. My Moroccan Carrot Salad with Oranges and Lamb Tagine was perfect! Charles is back as the most welcoming and attentive host in town… and so are those fabulous flower arrangements. Bravo, Charles!

Scott Corzine

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