Manchester by the Sea


No spoiler alert is needed for this film because the preview trailer gives away the central event: the sudden death of a man that leaves his brother responsible for the orphaned teenage son. Yet there is another event that drives not only all the forward action, but the back story of the brother, the boy and their entire extended family.

Writer-director Kenneth Lonergan reveals this second event — which preceded the death — by a series of flashbacks, each with a progression of more reveals and each of which crescendos into a powerful gut-wrenching story.

Jerry Weissman


2 Responses to “Manchester by the Sea”

  1. Although I’ve given “Manchester by the Sea” 5 stars, I didn’t really like the film.

    Writer-Director, Kenneth Lonergan, has given us a beautifully paced, deeply painted portrait of sadness. Casey Affleck and Kyle Chandler play their parts skillfully. It is a long, slow, sad film.

  2. definitely a moving film.

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