Mickalene Thomas

Racquel_Reclining_Wearing-_Purple_JumpsuitFor anyone in New Orleans, there is a gorgeous Mickalene Thomas show at Newcomb Art Museum. The show has it all: her photos, sculpture, a working set where she stages her photos, collages and huge paintings. It’s all wonderful, and the paintings, particularly so. She creates a hybrid, appropriate-everything-in-sight collage and then 796144d5d8e479c58ae4577d49134f4f-e1480971392552covers some parts in rhinestones or complex bead work, and then adds a black woman as the focal point — in the center where she has never been before. This is not only fun and subversive, but aesthetically stunning. In my mind, she is the daughter of Robert Colescott (just as Kerry James Marshall is his son) and is carrying on his mission of inserting African-Americans into art history with biting wit, brilliant humor and beautiful paint. I love this work.

Nicole Charbonnet

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