moonlight_2016_filmThe last first-rate film made on a low budget we saw was “Whiplash;” we loved it. Last night we saw “Moonlight” and, though it was made for $5 million, you’d never have guessed. It is a beautiful and important film.

We’ve never heard of any of the actors, and the acting is wonderful. The story is tough and sad — some viewers will have a problem spending two hours with inner-city children raised in Miami during the drug war years. The families portrayed are terribly dysfunctional and the police/courts are unfair. The story also deals with a black man coming to terms with his own homosexuality.

Dale and I sense there will be more than one award for “Moonlight” when awards are awarded.

Please see the New York Times glowing review.

Doug Anderson




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  1. thought it was great too – just like you said, beautiful + important.

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