Mozart – Two Choral Gems


“Sancta Maria”

Two small, incredibly beautiful pieces of choral music from this well-loved genius composer are the “Sancta Maria K.273” (1777) and the “Ave Verum K.618” (1791); the first from his youth at age 22 and the second from the sunset of his brief life at age 35. Both are quite short – four or five minutes, so you can try several performances and hear them more than once.

For the “Sancta Maria” I can recommend the Vienna Boys, the Orléans choir under Maksoud and the De Bie; most of the others take it too fast. For the “Ave Verum,” the King’s College Choir and the Wheaton College Chorus. But there are many fine performances out there on YouTube, with little variation in tempo. Listening to these amazing short works, or singing in them if you have the opportunity, will uplift and enrich your life.

Thomas Lemann



“Ave Verum”


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