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Can there be a more irritating place to look at great art in New York than the Neue Galerie? The building is spectacular. The art is spectacular. The rules and regulations and the polite but relentless pursuit of the guards and security staff are, unfortunately, intolerable. In two recent visits we have been bag-checked, double-checked on our way up the stairs to prove we had paid our admission, told that it was against the rules to carry more than one bag (Linda handed me one of hers so we outfoxed them there), been subjected to beepers going off approximately every 15 seconds as some poor art lover leaned in close enough to read the card describing a particular piece, told that we couldn’t remove and carry a jacket on the warm upper floors, told to put it through the straps of a purse, and then, within minutes, told be a second authority to remove it from said straps and put it back on or leave. The Kandinskys are glorious. But, as Clemenza said to Sonny Corleone, and I slightly misquote, “They won’t see me no more.”

Jack Viertel


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Posted: 01/13/14 by Barbara Fleischman

The Kandinsky exhibition at the Neue Gallery is excellent, giving a rounded
view of his oeuvre with wonderful examples. A real treat, plus, if you are inclined,
delectable Viennese pastries to sustain one after visiting the exhibit! Until Feb. 10.

From the website:

An exhibition of masterworks that explores the development of Kandinsky’s art over a crucial period of time: from the Blaue Reiter period into the pure abstraction and total environments of his Bauhaus years. Connecting art, music, and theater, this gathering of loans from private and public collections traces the evolution of Kandinsky’s concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk, or total work of art. Key works by Kandinsky’s artistic peers, including Albert Bloch, Marcel Breuer, Paul Klee, August Macke, Franz Marc, László Moholy-Nagy, Gabriele Münter, and Marianne von Werefkin will also be on display.

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