New Orleans’ First Concorso d’Eleganza

UnknownI always admire artistic leaders who understand outreach. Sometimes, this means crossing lines and original thinking. While contemporary art museums are the most adept at this, and their patrons are the most forgiving (or some might say open minded), I like to see the more traditional arts centers taking this risk.

This weekend, the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) is sponsoring a concours. If you are not a “car guy” — even women who love cars are called car guys — a concours is a juried display of vintage or exotic cars. This particular concours consists of over 50 sparkling Ferraris parked along the grand drive which is the entry to NOMA. Odds are, to any respectable car guy a gleaming Ferrari is the equal of a work of art. If you have an eye for car design, chances are, you also love contemporary canvases. Whether you know it or not. Being car guys ourselves, and lovers of contemporary art, Biff and I will be there with bells on.

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A New Orleans-based artist has found a niche that brings contemporary art, exotic cars and car guys together. Lory Lockwood has an eye for what is reflected in the gleaming surface of a great car. She reproduces this true, but wonderfully distorted reflection with paints and brushes onto a canvas, often for commissions that land on the walls of car guys. Recently, I commissioned one of these of Biff, reflected in our limited edition M Coupe BMW. A perfect portrait of my favorite car guy with his special auto. Sometimes, you just hit on a perfect idea. Like a Ferrari concours in front of a great museum.

Barbara Motley

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