New York City Ballet Opening Night

image.scale.621.275.1472035905781Besides presenting a delightful and innovative evening, Peter Martins did a couple of other things just right on opening night. He showed several short ballets that did not totally encompass the entire season – as did the ABT last season. (There was hardly a reason to go back after that opening.) And during what are usually cringingly long speeches during dinner, kept it short, sweet and thankful.

The ballets were: “The Wind Still Brings” (a lighthearted premiere), “Composer’s Holiday” (a study in lifts), “Not Our Fate” (joyous ballet with exciting costumes) and Stravinsky’s “Pulcinella Variations” (with Tsumori Chisato’s Surrealist “think Man Ray” costumes). The first three were contemporary, the final one a recognized favorite. As Martins announced, “We are the most creative ballet company” and… perhaps they are.

Barbara Tober

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