New York Philharmonic

New York PhilharmonicSURPRISE! We have all loved Alan Gilbert for years at the Phil and always will. BUT this year someone new, Jaap van Zweden, has taken the helm and he is one hot number!

First of all, he chose Mahler’s “Symphony No. 5” because of its power and presence. Also, in 2008, he had been the Concert Master when Leonard Bernstein asked him to conduct part of the rehearsal. Their relationship goes back into history, and that history struck full force with the music and the musicianship that ensued through the evening. Only ONE work of art, only ONE exquisite symphony, but a MARVEL of an evening with van Zweden handling the orchestra as if it were his own instrument!

Fabulous to watch; extraordinary to listen to. It was a great performance and an introduction to an exciting season ahead.

Barbara Tober

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