Nice Fish


32383_fullEver since I was privileged to see Mark Rylance in “Twelfth Night” at the Globe Theatre in London many years ago, I have become a Rylance groupie and sought out his appearances. Given his prolific output, this has proved challenging, none more so than during a recent brief stopover in London enroute to points further east.

Fortunately, Mr. Rylance was performing in “Nice Fish,” a play about two men fishing on a frozen lake in Minnesota. The absurdist drama, a 21st century modern variation of “Waiting for Godot,” is also a philosophical treatise on the meaning of life. But Mr. Rylance, who also wrote the play with Louis Jenkins, provided himself with many comic opportunities to display his brilliant timing, line readings, and physical expressiveness — and dazzle the audience.

Where and when can I see you next, Mr. Rylance?

Jerry Weissman




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