Nice Fish


SAW_2016_2017_mobile_NiceFish_03As card-carrying members of the Mark Rylance Fan Club, we trekked to Brooklyn to the St. Ann’s Warehouse in Dumbo. (A wonderful space, on Brooklyn Bridge Park – facing Manhattan.) The audience of Rylance groupies reacted to his every line, humorous or not. The production, by Claire van Kampen (Rylance’s wife), is set on a frozen lake in Minnesota. Two ice fisherman, Ron (a deadpan Rylance) and Erik (Jim Lichtscheidl) muse on the meaning of life, in laconic “Fargo” accents. Sort of “Godot goes ice fishing.” An absurdist tone poem, with some scenes that work, others less so. Except for a surprising transformation at the end (I won’t give it away), there’s little to show what Rylance can do.

Ken Roman




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