originLike Dan Brown’s past books, “Angels & Demons” and “The De Vinci Code”, “Origin” is a fast-paced thriller that sets science against religion, and uses codes and symbols to best advantage. Halfway through, I wrote a note to my son (he’s a little geeky) suggesting that he download this book. As before, “Origin” stars Dr. Robert Langdon.

As I read on, I thought that the web of artificial intelligence was a little much but that’s probably why The Guardian’s review says that the book is fun in a “galumphing” sort of way… that sums it up for me. And yes, it will probably be made into a movie.

Doug Anderson


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  1. It seems to have been written more as a movie than a book. But the opening at the Guggenheim Bilbao, which I had just been to, got me hooked. And he does write page turners, so it won’t take long to read. I had guessed the ending, which isn’t too hard for anyone versed in the current computer debates about singularity, but it is fun.

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