Formerly the chef at Danny Meyer’s Tabla, Floyd Cardoz is an Indian-American chef with restaurants both in India and here. Paowalla, a casual restaurant in Soho, is terrific. While tagged an “Indian restaurant,” we were delighted that it is more about unique dishes with Indian flavors and textures than standard Indian fare. We let our server lead us through our choices and shared. We were delighted.

The restaurant is a little cramped and noisy, and to maximize seats they have eliminated the coat check facility. Yes, you can hang short coats from the back of your chair but anything longer can be a problem. It’s a small thing if you’re an interior designer but… and why do we have to talk about this when the food and service are terrific?

Paowalla is located at 195 Spring Street.

For more information, please see the New York Times review.

Doug Anderson


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