Patriot’s Day



As a Bostonian, this is one I had to see – and I wasn’t disappointed. The story of the bombers at the Boston Marathon (properly, The Marathon) is well-known, although I had forgotten how the entire city had been closed down during the hunt. And I would have liked a bit more on the culture that bred this fanaticism, but suspect that was omitted to avoid charges of profiling. There is lots of tension, some great scenes (Mark Wahlberg recreating the path of the bomber, Khandi Alexander interrogating the bomber’s wife, Jimmy O. Yang as the carjacking victim forced to agree 9/11 was a U.S. plot, David Ortiz speaking in Fenway Park), some nice personal stories, and a deservedly prideful portrait of how the city “stood strong.” The Boston accents are passable, but I can’t help note that Patriot’s Day is historically April 19 (“It was the 18th of April in ’75, hardly a man is now alive, who remembers that famous day and year, the midnight ride of Paul Revere” – Longfellow) and not April 15 (celebrated now on a Monday, per the Chamber of Commerce.)

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