Pinch Chinese



With the closing of La Chine in the Waldorf Astoria, we’ve been searching for Chinese restaurants and were recommended to “Pinch Chinese” on Prince Street. We were told to try the dumplings as the chef and his staff all worked in China for Ding Tai Fung (DTF)…good suggestion. They take reservations and have a policy of waiting for the whole party to arrive before seating. Given the size of the room, this is eminently fair. The dining room, while casual, is built to a high artistic standard.

Staff is young, smart, nice and helpful. Everyone seems to like what he/she is doing and it shows. Dinner was terrific. We went with another couple and ordered 7 dishes (maybe 8) which came sequentially and was more than enough. We started with two different kinds of Shanghai dumplings and continued with spare ribs and various noodle dishes…yum. All in, the cost was under $100/couple.

Doug Anderson


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