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The 2016 Presidential Election is…well who knows what it is, but it’s something. For some, looking forward to our next president is a good time to look back and to reflect upon the presidents of the past. That is exactly what Washington Post Editor Lillian Cunningham is doing with the Presidential podcast. 

For those unfamiliar, podcasts are not unlike a radio serial. Usually an hour or two in length and released on a weekly basis, they are some of the most popular content downloaded in iTunes and a fun way to kill time on your daily commute. The Presidential podcast, released every Sunday and produced by the Washington Post, is currently halfway through its in-depth look at each of the 44 presidents of the USA. Its final episode will be November 9, its subject is to be determined.

Cunningham manages to condense answers to a few key questions about each president into 45-minutes. With guests including Pulitzer winning biographers (David McCullough appears in the John Adams episode), historians from the Library of Congress and academics from respected universities, the commentary is informative and engaging.

The podcast is not reinventing the wheel, but offers a hefty bite of history on each American president. I’ve only listened to a few episodes, but I’m hooked on the effortlessly digestible refresher course Cunningham and her spinning panel of expert guests provide.

Shannon Thomas

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