Pride and Prejudice


90We had seen and loved “Sense and Sensibility” in the little theater that doubles as a basketball court in the basement of the building across the street from NYU Law School, and we knew that Kate Hamill had written that. When we heard that she’d written “Pride and Prejudice,” we bought tickets and went to today’s matinee.

What good fun.

Ms. Hamill was trained to act at Ithaca College and she’s a delightful member of the cast. But it’s what she sees that we will continue paying attention to. She has a vision. She has wit. She’s smart. She’s a delight. Not only did the audience have a great time enjoying Ms. Hamill’s take on Jane Austin, the cast seemed to be enjoying it too. I’m going to make a small bet that this will be moved to Broadway. It should be.

Doug Anderson


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