Prince of Broadway


Hubby and I almost decided not to go the day we had tickets, as the reviews were so lackluster. So glad we did, and we didn’t depart after the first act, as we figured we might. The song choices couldn’t miss, with the exception of a few in the second act from unsuccessful shows that must be beloved by Prince. He deserves the indulgence. While perhaps not enough wow factor or linear story line for the tourist crowd, this mostly greatest hits roster by a cast of consummate stage actors with incredible vocal chops, will hit true theatre fans square in the gut and the heart. Tony Yazbek is a stand-out triple threat (his tap number is one of the best we’ve ever seen), but the entire ensemble excelled through the swift changes of mood and vocal style required for such a disparate time travel through 70! years of Prince’s career, biographically outlined by the cast between numbers. That it was heavy with Sondheim songs sat right with us and made us grateful for these two men and all the pleasure they’ve given us over the years. I was moved to tears at times and was the first to stand at the end, even given its imperfections and my not-favoriting Lloyd Webber hits. Much of the audience didn’t evidence my enthusiasm, but if you really love musical theatre, classic Broadway stage actors led by a superb orchestra and respect the whole as a truly American home-grown art form, go, absorb the history and be proud!

Roxanne Bok

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  1. Roxanne, we saw it and felt exactly the way you did. What a treat. Our friends, Tony & Ann Wimpfheimer saw it too and loved it. Of course, Tony & Ann are lifelong friends of both Hal Prince & Steven Sondheim so you can imagine how they felt. Sometimes the critics get it wrong.

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