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We went to Quality Eats last night as it is part of the Smith & Wolensky/Quality Meats consortium and we figured that at least the steak would be great…which it was. Quality Eats is a quirky take on a New York steakhouse. The next time we have dinner with one of our 50-year-old children or 20-year-old grandchildren we’ll take them here and they’ll think we’re cool.

We started with thick slabs of back meat, wrapped around peanut butter and jelly (you get the picture). Then two of us shared a Tomahawk Steak that came sliced with roasted carrots and potatoes. It tasted great. The asparagus was also terrific. For dessert, two of our group shared s’mores. Our waitress had a wonderful sense of humor, and all staff was on the ball.

Quality Eats is at 19 Greenwich Avenue and is perfectly suited to its Greenwich Village location. It’s a little noisy, but it’s fun. And it’s not expensive for a New York steakhouse.

We’ll be back.

Doug Anderson


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