Red Notice


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.41.57 AMI read a lot of thrillers, espionage and crime novels each year, but this non-fiction story by Bill Browder of the lengths the Russian oligarchs and Putin went through to fight Browder’s Hermitage Fund, resulting in the death of one of his lawyers, Serge Maginitsky, was the most exciting one so far. Bill Browder is the grandson of Earl Browder, head of the Communist Party of America for many years. So Bill’s rebellion was to become a capitalist, including a stint at Salomon Brothers. He was one of the first investors to realize that privatization in Eastern Europe -– first in Poland, then in Russia -– was going to be the source of some great wealth. The book details his journey, the gaining, losing and gaining of over a billion dollars. Then the oligarchs decided to take him down, which leads to a first-rate mystery thriller. Definitely worth a read to see how Bill became a strong human rights advocate and helped get key laws passed in the US and Europe to curb the freedom of the abusers.

Howard Morgan


2 Responses to “Red Notice”

  1. The book is wonderful. A spy suspense thriller, only it is real. I have recommended this book to everyone.

  2. Chilling read on Stalinist tactics redeployed in “modern Russia” by Putin and the Oligarchs. A culture that devolved to stealing from your partners, or shareholders from not be able to own anything.

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