Remembering Sid Caesar

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Having just gotten through the pleasure of presenting “Little Me” at Encores!, and then reading of the loss of Sid Caesar nearly the moment we closed (the show was written for him, to be clear about the connection), I’m recommending the YouTube clip below, without which no education is complete. Caesar was a master of doubletalk in various languages, including French and Yiddish, but his German was perfection, and the sketch (unlike some of those in “Little Me”) even has a great button. Enjoy!

Jack Viertel

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  1. I was watching this with my five year old grandson laughing my head off.i thought Sid Caesar with the added blessing of Imogene coca was the funniest man I ever grandson laughed as enthusiastically but at me chortling like a five year old.

  2. I watched these as a kid. Now i’m sitting and laughing once again. Sid is awesome, but don’t discount Howie Morris – one of the best foils who ever was.

  3. Don’t forget Carl Reiner of the expressive eyes and helden tenor singing voice.

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