Rita Wilson at the Café Carlyle



I was intrigued by a good review in the New Yorker about Tom Hanks’s other, longstanding half-actress Rita Wilson, and her commitment to singer/songwriters of the 70s.

Once there, she proceeded to mostly sing her own songs, rather than the covers of her first album – who knew she even had an album? Anyway, instead of disappointing, she performed a long set of terrific new songs, co-written with various quality songwriters, all with excellent music and lyrics. The four-piece band did not overwhelm the Carlyle’s small, but historic place; indeed, the acoustics were perfect and musicians top notch. I guess she can afford to do it right. All in all a very professional production by a very likable woman with appropriately funny, humble and limited banter. I will buy the music.

The cafe food is uninspired, but passably convenient if you do to want to hustle from one place to the next, especially as it was pouring the might we went. An expensive evening, but you pay for the small classy venue and intimate experience. The old-time waiters are classics! The house was only half full; appreciative patrons, but she deserves more.

Rita Wilson will be performing at the Café Carlyle through March 5.

Roxanne Bok


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