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Pearl Abraham

Pearl Abraham

If I may suggest a website to the literate folks who people the VDP, I can recommend S For Sentence. My friend the writer and teacher Pearl Abraham is the creator. Each week features an eloquent and/or powerful sentence from mostly the “great” books of the Western canon, followed by the selector’s commentary on it. All accomplished in a succinct one or two sentences. VDPers are welcome to submit their own should they want to try their hand at literary analysis (I have been threatening to do one from Moby Dick) or just enjoy a simple wallow in the beauty of words artfully arranged. If I get behind on the weekly offerings I get to binge on a few at a time. I’ve found it a time-efficient way to feed my head by keeping my syntax tuned up and remembering the many extraordinary books I have read, or, hope to read before my time runs out.

Roxanne Bok

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  1. Roxanne, I love “S For Sentence”…I often read a sentence that I find so magnificent; I write it down to remember it; and refer back from time to time to determine its worthiness. I am delighted to bookmark this site. thanks! donna

  2. Late to the ‘post’ party on this one. However, thanks to Roxanne for suggesting this grand website and Donna for endorsing it. It was love at first read for me and I have also bookmarked ‘S for Sentence.’

  3. Just found this, Roxanne. Going to school in single sentences. What a fine idea. Thank you!

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