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If ever we have seen anyone experience their art with such momentum and dedication, it was at Savion Glover’s performance of “OM” at the Joyce Theater. Savion Glover began on stage with his partner Marshall Davis, Jr., with “acolytes” on either side in their alternating subservient and prayerful poses. The stage is basically a candlelit altar.

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Savion Glover

He tap dances, but this is no normal performance; this is a marathon for one and a half hours of nonstop, brilliantly achieved movement on a smallish box (that is microphoned so the sound is constant and hypnotic) with those “hundred” candles lighted for environmental emphasis. He never stops except for a few minutes when he allows his friend Davis to take center “box.”

Somehow, the reviews I read hint towards the fact that if you have taken “something” (marijuana, acid, G-d knows what) you will enjoy this more, which, having been the squarest person I know, means that I found 90 minutes somewhat repetitive. My husband, on the other hand, was genuinely transfixed by the “subtle rhythms that alternated throughout the evening.” He is a devotee of tap dance, no matter what form it comes in, and Savion Glover is not one to cater to the audience but to address them on his own terms, especially as he did that night.

We have been to Tibet, to Thailand, to India and other mystical lands where the concepts of “Om” exist but never has anyone presented his spirituality with such virtuosity, such force and such obvious theatricality.

We will all look forward to what Savion Glover brings to the Joyce Theatre next year when he arrives in early summer.

Barbara Tober

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