Seasons (Les Saisons)

Les saisons, Affiche teaser "Automne"French nature film mavins Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud spent four years and 33 million euro to create this gorgeously photographed homage to the animals of the forests of Europe. The stars are the large mammals: brown bears, bison, wild horses, lynx and wolves, with birds and insects in supporting roles. The backdrop is the forest, advancing across Europe as the Ice Age ends, in a golden age of several thousand years, and now in retreat to the mountains as man takes over.

The movie is not much of a science or history lesson. Rather, it is a feast for the eyes, with incredible photography of animals in action and birds in flight. For those of us who grew up on Disney and National Geographic nature films, here is a Cordon Bleu banquet. Take the kids and grandkids.

Opens in NYC November 18.

Philip Neches

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