Shoe Obsession

An under-appreciated New York exhibition space is The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology, Seventh Avenue at 27th Street. The current  show, “Shoe Obsession,” is curated by Valerie Steele and Coleen Hill. The installation is exceptional, well worth the visit regardless of how weird the actual shoes may seem. These are shoes as sculpture. There are about 15 glass vitrines spotlit from above, 150 shoes in all. As always, the show is accompanied by a stylish brochure. Yes, you will scratch your head gazing at these impossibly exotic, extreme, lavish, rather scary constructions. Are they wearable? Can anyone afford them? What do they tell us about our culture? You’ll have a great curiosity to talk about located in a venue that I think hardly many New Yorkers take the time to visit. And best of all, it’s free. eric bellmann

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