Shopping (Bulgari) and Dining (Quattro Passi) in Mayfair

bulgari-vaticanoI am reporting from London this week on the Grand opening of the new Bulgari Showroom on Bond Street.

As London is a destination for shopping, it is always good when there is a brand new boutique of interest. London is the Tower of Babel: every kind of person from everywhere comes to visit eventually, and many want to shop. Bulgari has made a huge investment in their new store. The ground floor is bright, golden, crystalline and full of goodies. Colored stones like “boiled sweets” as we call them here; watches galore, some as heavy as a telephone book; and wonderful versions of the current Serpenti collection, rings, earrings, bracelets, and colliers.

The second floor is a “drawing room” designed to be casually elegant (I never know what that means….exactly. Sloppy, but expensive?) and intended to create an atmosphere of great comfort for spending oodles of money. It was so crowded that my husband and I fought our way in, and after identifying at least three desirable pieces, fought our way out. The crowds were jumping up and down taking iPhone photos of the front of the building as we left. All in a night’s work.

5We left and walked around the corner to Quattro Passi on Dover Street which is one of London’s best and most glamorous restaurants. It was founded by a Russian restauranteur and has a wonderful co-owner/chef from the Amalfi Coast. They specialize in pezzonia, the fabulous fish from the region. It has taken a while for it to catch on, but last night the place was jiving. Lots of young people. Lots of noise and the best gluten-free pasta in town. Mine was a thin spaghetti with shaved zucchini and parmesan sauce. Simple and magnificent. We had a delicious glass of dry white wine; we chewed on their special bread selection (all homemade), ended up with the most delicate petit fours, and managed to enjoy the dinner and have a conversation all in a marvelous atmosphere of jollity. A must in Mayfair.

Kaaren Hale

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