Silence_(2016_film)This is a tough one to review as part of me kept thinking of “The Bridge Over the River Kwai,” which I loved, and part of me was wondering what on earth Scorsese was saying.

The film is gorgeous and seriously well-made. The theater was filled and you could hear a pin drop. But was Scorsese saying religions that proselytize are out of step with appropriate behavior? And, by extension, countries that proselytize (think America in the Middle East) are out of step with what makes sense and what works?

Was Scorsese making the case for “faith” or was he making the case that “faith” taken too far is a bridge too far? Was he painting the Japanese in the late 1600s as realistic in trying to keep foreign influences out of their culture or as quietly barbaric?

In the end, we didn’t like “Silence” and didn’t like the conversation we were having as we talked about it afterwards.

Doug Anderson



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