Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca

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A couple of times a year, Soledad Barrio brings her faithful troupe to New York at either the Joyce Theatre or Joe’s Pub. Either one is riveting entertainment (we actually prefer the Joe’s Pub venue because the stage is very small), but the dancing is brilliant in either venue.

Why smaller, by the way? Because the energy of the dancers is more concentrated so the movements are intensely vertical rather than horizontal, same as Madrid nightclubs.

This year, the company’s limited engagement ranged through two weeks in December; we caught them towards the end, to our delight. There were some “old” favorites: guitarists Salva de Maria and Eugenio Iglesias; singers Manuel Gago and Jose Jimenez; plus a new county heard from: Mayte Maya, a female singer of considerable poise and projection.

The exciting new addition was a dancer named Antonio Jimenez. He replaced a favorite of ours over the years who chose to retire after his New Year’s Eve birthday (which we attended). This exciting, athletic young man has all the fire and impulsion of a star; his movements and rhythms are hypnotic to the extreme.

Soledad herself has had a major uplift, including the fact that she smiles a lot. Perhaps it is because of Antonio, or perhaps because her company is traveling all over the world to great acclaim.

Barbara Tober

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  1. so sorry we missed this. We must be more diligent in watching for these remarkable performances throughout our amazing cultural landscape of New York…we spent many wonderful nights in Madrid years ago soaking up these high intensity performances…

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