Solving the Manhattan FM Reception Problem

So, here I am, a transplanted Californian in love with New York City — except for the FM reception. WBGO, WNYC and particularly WQXR are my constant companions. But, and it’s a big but, because we live near the 59th Street (or is it the Queensboro? the Ed Koch?) Bridge, our reception for all but WNYC has been horrible. So, we had our sound system techs install a separate antenna, but that only made matters worse. I emailed WQXR about my problem and they wrote a succinct fix that involved moving the antenna so it was not near any electrical box. So, Eddie, the master guru who takes care of all our TV and radio needs, suggested that we install a device that could stream the stations from the Internet, but that we should try moving the FM antenna around first to try to eliminate the static. So, Dan and Joseph, two of Eddie’s techs, came out today to ameliorate the problem. After much fidgeting with the antenna, and after I had shown them the WQXR “fix,” Dan said: “Stream.” What is involved in accomplishing that? While thinking, he said, let me have your IPhone. Since I had WQXR and WBGO apps on my IPhone, voila! — I was streaming through my first-rate sound system. Great, I said, but I need to use my iPhone elsewhere. Do you have an iTouch, Dan asked. Yes. So I am now listening to WQXR through my sound system on my iTouch streaming on the iPhone App with absolutely perfect reception. Thank you, Steve Jobs, and thank you, Dan. —j. ronald trost


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